Compassionate Caring in the
Western NC Conference since 1931

What is Golden Cross?
   Following the example of Jesus, The United Methodist Church is concerned with the whole person. As an expression of that concern, Golden Cross was established as a mission and ministry through which United Methodists reach out with caring financial assistance to other United Methodists who are burdened with medical costs.

79 Years of Golden Cross: 1931-2010
   Over the course of 79 years, thousands of families have been touched by this compassionate ministry. The need continues. Our families struggle to pay medical bills and some forego needed medical attention and/or medications because they cannot afford the costs.
   The current economic situation compounds these difficulties. Some of our families are experiencing loss of employment, reduced income and possibly loss of health insurance. When the need is there, Golden Cross is still there, not only with financial assistance, but also with the message that United Methodists are a caring people.

Who may apply for assistance?
   Any United Methodist of this Conference,lay or clergy. People do not have to be destitute to receive help. Receiving insurance payments, Medicare or Medicaid does not disqualify a person. Also, an "overwheming" financial burden does not necessarily mean thousands of dollars of unpaid medical bills. For some, where income is limited, overwhelming medical costs maybe only a few hudnred dollars.

How does one apply for assistance?
   The pastor is the key person. With information supplied by the family, he or she files simple appliction forms with the Conference Director of Golden Cross. All information is kept confidential. Upon approval of an application, a grant check is sent to the pastor, who presents the check to the applicant on behalf of Golden Cross.

What is the amount of a grant?
   The amount varies accoding to the need and the amount of money in the Golden Cross Fund.

Who provides the money?
   A small grant from the Benevolence Fund of our conference covers expenses and provides a limited amount for grants. However, the major support of grants this ministry is dependent upon offerings and gifts of churches and individuals in our conference.
   Treasury Services manages the Golden Cross Fund at no cost to this ministry, so 100% of every dollar given through gifts and special offerings goes to assist individuals and families of our conference.

Continuing support needed
   In support of this caring ministry, churches are invited to make Golden Cross one of their special recognitions and offerings each year. These special gifts and offerings enable Golden Cross to continue to make a difference in the lives of many United Methodist families. These may include families and individuals in your own church.

Gifts and contact information
   Be certain that all special offerings and gifts are clearly marked "For Golden Cross" on the memo line. Write and mail checks to "WNCc Treasurer," PO Box 18005, Charlotte NC 28218, or ask yourchurch treasurer to do so on your behalf.
   For more information, speak with your pastor or contact your District Director of Golden Cross or the Conference Golden Cross Director, Gayle Ford, at 704.882.7640 or e-mail

Ministry with a 'human touch'
   Many wonderful, heart-felt thank you letters received from recipients of grants remind us that this is a ministry with a very human touch. Golden Cross is United Methodists caring for one another. On behalf of all who receive assistance, thank you.